Hospitality Solutions 

Great-Tasting Water is pure pleasure for your customers — and a pure necessity for your business.
Just as water sustains life, water powers your business. From large hotel groups to restaurants and small coffee shops, protecting your brand and impressing your customers are Kinetico’s primary strengths. Deliver great-tasting drinking water for your customers and improve the consistency of water as a food and beverage ingredient.
Give your guests softer, brighter linens washed in the laundry using soft water. You will spend less time cleaning, using less chemicals, and you’ll cut down on the replacement and maintenance costs for bathroom fixtures and water-using appliances

Smart Selecto Filtration

The selecto range is the number one filtration system used in many large food and beverage operations in the USA. Eliminating any bad taste or smell including chlorine and chloramine. Even the smallest filter in this range filters 75.000 liters per year at a normal tap flow rate. The larger filters can handle up to 294.000 liters and if you have even larger requirements multiple filters will provide you the capacity and flow rate you need to run your business.

Hospitality Reverse Osmosis

When only perfect is good enough.
The Kinetico RO-Series has been carefully designed to supply industrial applications with mineral free water. The units are compact and space saving and can be installed under the table or counter, right next to the dishwasher or in another place when space is at a premium. It is perfect fo use with: dish washers, ice cube machines, autoclaves, car washes, within the pharmaceutical industry, boiler treatment, laboratories, humidifiers, process water and much, much more.
The Kinetico RO Series provides you with the benefits of low operating and maintenance costs, long membrane lifetime and ease of servicing of units in addition to high-quality performance. 

Hospitality Water Softening

Luxuriate with soft water.
Every product in the Kinetico commercial water softener range has been carefully designed to offer flexibility in both set-up and operation. This flexibility enables the systems to operate in either an Overdrive configuration for maximum flow or in an Alternating configuration for maximum efficiency.

Bore-hole and well-point solutions

If your establishment has access to alternative sources, such as a bore-hole or well-point our range of non-electric, continuous flow with automatic backwash are especially made for a whole range of different water filtration solutions. Low maintenance and a 10 year warranty will ensure the life-time costs of your water filtration will be extremely economical and often costs a lot less than municipal water supplies

A passion for changing lives through better water solutions