Residential RO Drinking water

A home reverse osmosis, or home RO, system is the only really effective way of removing all of the dissolved impurities from mains or softened water. It is also the only way of removing very specific elements such as sodium or fluoride.

When only perfect is good enough !


World’s Best Residential

RO system 

  • 99% Contaminant Removal – more than any other drinking water unit in the world
  • QuickFlo® Technology – the K5 produces more water faster than any other comparable system
  • Customizable- customize the FlexFilters  to the specific water challenges you’re facing
  • Everclean Rinse® – high quality water to clean itself which keeps the system in top working order
  • PureMometer® Filter Life Indicator let you know when it’s time for filter changes .
  • Quick-disconnect filter cartridges make changing filters a snap.
  • Non-electric
  • Third party certified
  • Lead free tap
  • K2


    Residential RO

  • 99% Contaminant Removal
  • Economical and Reliable
  • Three-stage system, including a high-capacity prefilter, high-performance reverse osmosis membrane and carbon postfilter.
  • High daily production rate
  • Non-electric
  • Third party certified
  • Lead free tap
  • A passion for changing lives through better water solutions